Living in this Oh so cute western town in "Cave Creek, Arizona" is what inspires me when designing the "western dog collars"  for the “Cowboy-Up” collection.   Surrounded by ranches, horses and cowboys, who hang out at the local country bar the “Buffalo Chip Saloon”  where they have live bull riding Friday night, gives this town that true Wild West flavor.

The newest addition to the collection is the “Buck a-roo" you will find this in our  "Cowboy-Up"  collection


When choosing a hair-on cowhide for these collars, we have to be very particular that the colors and pattern on the hide flow evenly.  This is not an easy task;  I look though every hide before making my decision.

One of our biggest customers for these collars is our local horse people who own the “Queensland Heeler” breed.  They love to show up to the rodeo with their dog wearing a unique western collar.

The saddle brown distressed leather is another favorite for our western collars. We adorn them with the silvers pots and ranger star concho’s.   For our cowgirl canines, we tend to use the brighter sassier leathers  and adorn with crystals.

Bottom line. Your pup does not have to reside in the Southwestern States in order  to wear one of our "Western Collars"  These fabulous designs can be worn from Cave Creek to West of the Mississippi and then some.

Y'all comeback now ya hear!