"Sturgis Rally Bike Week" August 5 - 11, 2013

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The Sturgis S. D. Rally and Races is one of the largest Motorcycle Events held anywhere in the world. Founded in 1938, by the JackpineGypies Motorcycle Club, the Sturgis rally and races were first lead by Clarence “Pappy” Hoel. The first event in Sturgis South Dakota was mainly an opportunity for a few friends to race in the streets of the small town near the Black Hills. With only a few friends attending the two day event, the rally grew slowly until the late 80’s when the Rally exploded.

With the Harley popularity explosion, in the 80s, the Sturgis Rally began to build steam attracting as many as 700,000 attendees in the early 2000’s. With only 7,000 full time residents, Sturgis becomes the meca for Harley Davidson riders who make their yearly trek to the Black Hills of South Dakota during the first week of August.

Today the Sturgis Rally has grown to become one of the largest motorcycle events in the world, attracting riders from around the world.

With beautiful scenic drives through the Black Hills, attractions like Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Hill City, Custer Park, wild buffalo herds, and Deadwood South Dakota the Black Hills help lure riders to some of the most dramatic motorcycle riding in the world. For those interested in traveling a bit further, attractions like Devils Tower and the Badlands add to the areas attraction.

The 68th annual event held in August 2008, attendance was reported to be down a bit because of the rising gas prices and a tight economy. With estimates in the 550,000 range, Sturgis is still considered the largest Motorcycle Rally in the nation by most.

Sturgis has not only some of the best riding in the world; it also has built some of the most interesting traditions in the motorcycle world. Famous venues like the Buffalo Chip, Glencoe Campgrounds, the Full Throttle Saloon, and Main Street are must stops on the Sturgis tour. Riders gather together with old friends and celebrate with fellowship of other enthusiasts.

With roads like Spearfish Canyon Road, Iron Mountain road, and the pig tails, riders are challenged and rewarded with some of the most scenic and challenging roads anywhere on earth. Put all of that together with 700,000 of your best biker friends, gracious hosts, and Sturgis Rally and Races delivers the best that the motorcycle world has to offer.