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  1. Beauteous



    Buttery soft lambskin on top grain leather lined with suede . 
Custom crafted in seven tantalizing colors: Lipstick Red, Princess Pink, Soft Lilac, Mint Green, Metallic Yellow, Snow White Ocean Blue, Sparking Silver and Black. We offer eight fabulous Swarovski crystal colors for you to choose from that will best fit your pooch’s pawsonality and complexion. Come on what are you waiting for it's time to design a new collar for your baby... 5/8" width Learn More
  2. Tantalize



    Absolutely Darling delightful collar for your Little Prince or Princess. Unique Lambskin Leathers with this fancy faux diamond buckle make this collar pawsitively striking. 5/8" Width Learn More
  3. Daisy



    Too Cute.... Amazingly supple Kip Leather topped with silky soft lambskin makes this collars the Ultimate in Luxury. This dainty little collar offered in Baby Pink, Soft Lilac and Mint Green, has a row of multi-colored daisy's along the center. smells as good as it looks 5/8" Width Learn More
  4. Metallics



    How cute will the little munchkins look in these beautiful pastels, in this electrifying metallic leather. Very striking colors of copper, gold, chartreuse and blue. The neighbors will for sure see you coming wearing this collar. Not recommended for the shy pups, just kidding... Learn More

4 Item(s)

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